Practices are held weekly in various locations and times, depending on the team.

Registering as a Homenetmen Athlete


In order to be officially registered as a Homenetmen Los Angeles athlete, the below items need to be completed and turned in:


1) The application form found at the end of this packet.

2) A copy of the birth certificate, passport or driver's license of the applicant.

3) A Passport Photo (headshot) of applicant, which may submitted electronically.

4) Submission of annual membership dues.


Upon receival of all required items, the chapter will submit the information to the Regional Executive Committee for activation         (5-7 days). Once activated, an ID card will be issued to the scout.


***Registration is available online below.***



STEP 1-Application

Please download, print, fill out, sign, and email this application, to the following email address:

STEP 2 - Copies and Photo

1) Email a copy of either your birth certificate, passport, or driver's license to verify your information, to the following email address:



2) Email a copy of a clear face picture, similar to a passport photo, to be used for your Homenetmen ID card.

STEP 3 - Membership Dues

Make sure to pay your membership dues through our online store below. Note that the membership due also allows participation in Ping Pong, Chess, and Track and Field free of additional charges.