Registering as a Homenetmen Scout

Who To Contact…

For details, please contact Y Anthony Hindoyan at 818-640-4998 or email us at

How To Apply…

In order to be officially registered as a Homenetmen Los Angeles scout, the below items need to be completed and turned in:

1) The application form found at the end of this packet.
2) A copy of the birth certificate, passport or driver’s license of the applicant.
3) A Passport Photo (headshot) of applicant, which may be submitted electronically.
4) Annual membership dues.

Upon receival of all required items, the chapter will submit the information to the Regional Executive Committee for activation (5-7 days). Once activated, an ID card will be issued to the scout.

Where and When…

Regular scouting activities are held on Sundays from 10:00am to 1:00pm

Scouting activities are held at:
Rose and Alex Pilibos
1615 N Alexandria Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027