Scouting Division

The Homenetmen Los Angeles Chapter Scouting Division meets every Sunday morning at the Rose and Alex Pilibos campus for regular scouting activities.

Scouts are divided by age group and gender. Our youngest co-ed group, the Gagough Tatigs, includes scouts aged 3-6 years old. The next oldest groups are the Kailigs (male cub scouts) and Ardzvigs (young girl scouts) aged 7-11. Our oldest groups are the Aris (boy scouts) and Arenoushes (girl scouts) ages 12+.

Our activities begin at 10AM with a morning flag ceremony, and are followed by warm up exercises, group meetings, sports and games, cultural/scouting/ and educational lectures, practicing songs and ganches/chants, and many more fun activities. Our day ends at 1PM with a closing flag ceremony.

In addition to our standard scouting agendas, groups also partake in weekend and week-long camps, field trips, charity and volunteering outings, and other special events throughout the year!

Where and When…

We welcome you all to join us at our next scouting activity to be held on:

LA Chapter Summer Camp – 2024

Join us for our upcoming LA Chapter Summer Camp at Camp Tecuya from July 21st-27th! Scouts will meet at our agoump at 7:30AM on Sunday, July 21st to depart for...

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Homenetmen Camp Tecuya, 11701 Frontier Rd
Frazier Park, CA 93225 United States
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The monthly Homenenetmen Los Angeles scouting activities schedule is posted here.

Who To Contact…

For details, please contact Y Anthony Hindoyan at 818-640-4998 or email us at

How To Apply…

In order to be officially registered as a Homenetmen Los Angeles scout, the below items need to be completed and turned in:

1) The application form found at the end of this packet.
2) A copy of the birth certificate, passport or driver’s license of the applicant.
3) A Passport Photo (headshot) of applicant, which may be submitted electronically.
4) Annual membership dues.

Upon receival of all required items, the chapter will submit the information to the Regional Executive Committee for activation (5-7 days). Once activated, an ID card will be issued to the scout.

Homenetmen Membership Application